America: Can It Be Great Again


Kate was finally coming to see that Joshua’s possession of land was successful because God had given him the answer to his problem. The problem was the children of Israel were without a proper home land and community. When orchestrating a war, the spoils or wealth are turned over to the winning team, and that exactly , how you know a war is approved by God. Have you ever wondered how in recent years, America has gone to war, without the results of lawfully obtaining the spoils of its battles?
There will be one particular war, in which America and some other countries of the world will play a vital role ever. Remembering childhood classroom study, in history, Kate thought about how America’s economic problems of unemployment, relationships, and social order revived, after America entered into World War II.
While other thoughts were going through her mind, Kate speaking, without uttering a world out loud, suddenly thought, “God did not cause, but allowed the bombing of Pearl Harbor, because America was in a state of neutrality, while the unlawful killing of Jews continued.” And it is for the same reason she believes the military in America will revive. America and Israel will be even stronger allies. Then the Lord said, to Kate “[let them know] I will not let my people bear burdens alone,” He said (Numbers 11:17). “I am going to place the same spirit [of my grace] on my people,” He said.
Some of the favorable results of America’s role in that war were that some Jews living in Germany were liberated. Shortly thereafter, America began to experience and see supernatural blessings from God. “Lord, you showed me the great gifts given to men like Paul Getty Sr.,” Kate said. “I read where Mr. Getty had become a billionaire before his was fifty years old in the mid 1950’s,” she continued. Paul Getty did not like senior managers who boasted about keeping employees in line. He met a man named Jack Forrester, a former military man, with the gift of wisdom. Jack Forrester impressed Mr. Getty for he was a brilliant negotiator. At the height of the Wall Street crash of 1962, Mr. Getty continued to purchase shares of stock people thought were worthless (“How I Made My First Billion,” pages 26, 155).


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