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We hear political and personal arguments about which medical insurance is better or more affordable for the American people and the world at large. But do we really know or have ever considered who is behind the greatest insurance of all time? The insurance, the writer speaks of is completely free, yes, it is shocking to hear. It is priceless, affordable and leaves mankind with comfort and an assurance that only it can provide.
The reader will note that the insurance is higher than any other plan on earth. People do not have to vote on its existence; it has been around for centuries. On the other hand, it has not been equally advertised through the mass media or out of the mouths of politicians.
Information about this insurance can no longer be ignored. It is vital to all humanity. It is something that Kate has been thinking about for years, because it is by personal experience, she identifies with this great power. “Holy Spirit, I want to thank you for sharing your great power of healing,” she said. “You have sustained my life and health without society’s insurance.” “Holy Spirit, you are not an insurance that cancels or lapse.” “You are not a contract or can anyone label your power as a bureaucracy,” she continues.
“I want you my dear Kate, to tell My people, I assist all, who will believe My power, the Holy Spirit responded. “My power does not discriminate and offers the universe’s highest quality.”
“Lord, I want to tell the world what you have done for and in me,” Kate said. “I want to tell them that since 2002, I have totally relied upon your healing power.” “Yes, my dear, the Lord responded, you have never doubted My power.”
“Tell My people, I don’t operate within the boardrooms of corporations,” the Lord continues. “I will visit My people wherever and whenever, they cry out to Me.” “I am not limited to the hospital rooms or their bedrooms.” “I enjoy healing; it gives Me the thrill of seeing My power at work.”
“I do not take payment plans,” the Lord said. “The only requirement that I offer My people is that they believe.” “Kate when you are talking to the people, remind them of Jairus’ daughter,” the Lord continues. “I spoke loving words to her by simply saying “Talitha Cumi” which means “little girl…arise (Mark 5:41).
“Tell them, I am the One who healed the mind of Apostle John when they placed him on the island of Patmos in Turkey,” the Lord said. “I wanted John to see and experience what I will do in the world in the last days,” He said. “Tell the people, they will no longer have to fear being sick and ill.” “They will not cry and suffer any more pain,” God announced (Revelation 21:4)
Instantly Kate recalled the telephone call she received on May 2002 from the Bahamas.



“I am love and I gave it to you to love one another,” the Lord said. “I sent [Martin Luther King Jr.,] into the earth to promote My message of love” (John 13:34-36). “I gave him the gift to orate because I feared America’s speedily collision course on discord, and division.” “I wanted America to be greater for My greater cause.” “I did not want America to become an Egypt of poverty, a nation that no one recognizes and brought to ruins” (Ezekiel 29). “Martin answered the call to go against the status quo, and he was My sacrifice,” the Lord continues.


On one Sunday afternoon, while reading a book on the Multiple Streams of Income, the Holy Spirit spoke to the writer and asked her this question. “Now, you know there are no mortgages in heaven. So why do you have one?” Didn’t I say when you “loose what is heaven, you loose that into the earth?” “Didn’t I say that you are to pray what you want in the earth, is what I have already in heaven?” [“That is why My people have this problem and this is simply how they will solve it,” the Spirit of God said (Matthew 16:19, 6:10).


“I have told My people from the beginning Kate, that I return to them some 100, some 60 and to some 30 rates of return,” the Lord said. “With wisdom I give [My people] the ability to have knowledge to understand [matters”] God said (Proverbs 9: 1, 6, 10). “And Kate, let Me give you other examples of how I administered the powerful gift of wisdom,” the Lord continued. “Do you remember the tower of Babel, where all those highly skilled men worked?” asked God. “Yes, I do Lord, Kate answered.
Continuing the Lord said , “And do you remember that I said there was nothing they would be impossible or hard for them to accomplish?” “Yes Lord,” Kate responded again. “Those men were so brilliant, that I had to alter their course of action, to build the tower to the [heavens] and so I changed their languages, so that they would not understand each other.” God said. “I had to do this because the gift of wisdom that I gave them should not be misused.” The Lord continued (Genesis 11: 1-9).
“How do you think Kate, Noah was able to build the ark for all those years?” God asked. “Do you really believe he could have sustained himself and ability to build it without My wisdom?” The Lord asked. “Of course, he could not,” The Lord said. “It was My wisdom that drew every blueprint and hammered every nail,” The Lord continued (Genesis 6:14). [“ As a matter of fact], when I gave My people, the gift of wisdom, opportunities in every arena is available to them,” God said (Proverbs 18:16).
“What are these opportunities Lord?” Kate asked. “There are opportunities to plan your lives as diligent and successful people,” He responded (Proverbs 21:5). “I have given you ideas in finances to invest money properly as I demonstrated through the servants of the talents in Matthew Chapter 25, were two were wise in where they invested and received a great return,” The Lord said. “ I might add, Kate they did not have to sweat with hard labor to receive the return,” He continued. “They simply followed My principle of sowing into good territory and were consistent and diligent,” The Lord added.


“There is another principle that I will share with you and the world,” God said. “It is the principle of tithing,” He continued. “I only require that you give [My work her on earth], ten percent of your financial increases,” He said (Malachi 3:10). “Has this principle ever failed anyone Lord?” Kate asked. “It is with confidence, I say to you, Kate that it can bring people in harmony and the nations together,” God said. “How is that so Lord?” She asked again. “Do you remember how My servant King David offered to the people of Israel “a lot of bread, piece of meat and cake?” God asked. “Yes Lord, I remembered well,” Kate responded.
“The people went away satisfied,” She said. “Yes, the country was satisfied, and because of David’s obedience, I allowed him to remain as King for forty years,” the Lord said (1 Chronicles 29:27). “And how did King Solomon, his son use this principle?” Kate asked. “I created Solomon and he was born an unselfish man,” the Lord replied. “He never asked Me for fame and fortune; he only wanted to be a wiser and more understanding individual,” the Lord continued.
“I knew I could trust him, and so I extended great riches upon him, beyond anything this world has ever seen or experience,” the Lord said. “But why Lord?” Kate asked. “Why you asked Kate?” the Lord responded. “Yes Lord why?” She said. “Because when Solomon prayed to Me, he prayed with all his heart, for the nation and not for himself,” God replied (1 Chronicles 6: 29-31).
“And I did it, to show the world an example, and I did not want My people worshipping anyone other than Me,” the Lord continued. “I wanted people who were willing to give, and share with those in need, to do so that people would not steal and kill.” “I did it, so that My people would not have to work more than six days per week.” I did it, so that My people would not covet what their brothers and sisters’ household had.” “I did it, so they would not have to lie against their neighbors,” said the Lord (Deuteronomy: 5: 7, 8, 9, 14, 17, 19, 20-21).


“The economic systems I have created to protect My people,” the Lord said. “My system is the greatest financial system known to mankind,” the Lord continued. “I do not have in My Kingdom, what some call the redistribution of wealth,” He said. “I told you to love one another…” (John 15:12). “And when you have the power to do well [to each other], you are not to withhold,” the Lord continued. “I have also said [should] some one fall into poverty, that you are to help them,” He said (Leviticus 25:35). “You’re awesome Lord,” Kate responded.


“To answer your question on the issue of income, Kate, God said, My people must know that how they make decisions will determine the outcome of their compensations.” “What do You mean Lord, Kate asked. “Do you remember My workers in the vineyard in Matthew?” The Lord asked. “Yes Lord, I remembered that they complained that after working long hours, they did not think it was fair for the other laborers, who came later and worked less hours should have received the same income,” She responded. The Lord agreed and said, “yes, My child, they accepted that contract and income.” “And what is the lesson in this that I have for My people,” the Lord said. “My people are encouraged to be wiser negotiators before they accept any work or compensation,” He said (Matthew 20:1-13). “And Lord is there other solutions to this problem?” Kate asked.
“There are always solutions in the Kingdom of God, My child,” God responded. “Would you share some of them Lord?” Kate asked again. “I am going to show you My economic solutions and they are not difficult to master either,” the Lord said.


There has been a constant conversation, and arguments that had the financial institutions not sold properties to people who could not afford houses, we would not have had a mortgage crisis. But has anyone ever thought, for a moment, if we did not have to pay interest, we could actually been out of debt completely and quicker, which would enable us to help others? There certainly would be no room for defaults and bankruptcies.
“I have been clear about the use of interest in the financial realm,” the Lord said. [“The world was never permitted] to charge My people interest,” The Lord continued (Deuteronomy 23:19). “I have allowed [businesses] to charge interest to foreigners [and that is one way they would have been able to have increase and income] the Lord said (Deuteronomy 23:20). “And you must certainly not charge My people who are poor any interest,” He said (Exodus 22:25).



            At no time in God’s financial provision, did He ever say we were to sign or in this economic system to be involved in surety.  What exactly is surety?  Surety is a “promise by one party to assume responsibility for the debt obligation [of another]” (  Surety in modern day banking is being a co-signer or authorized user on a financial obligation.

   May had previously called Kate complaining about her bank account was recently garnished due to signing for her daughter’s tuition to a private college in Danville, California.  She went on blaming the devil but Kate quickly reminded her of the principle. The writer of Proverbs distinctly states that if we sign and use surety on behalf of another, we will certainly suffer (Proverbs 11:15).  We are simply not the shake hands for the debt of another person (Proverbs 22:26).

            As the conversation continued, Kate was constantly emphasizing to May that we have to take responsibility for our actions, and entering into unwise financial transactions involving surety will hurt us.  When it comes to surety, the financial world system has the right to take action whether it’s through liens or garnishments because when people sign, they are obligated to that business (Proverbs 20:16).



The Holy Spirit said to Kate, “I want to take you on a journey of the world’s financial system that concerns Me.” “You must remember, I own it all,” He said. Continuing the Lord said, “I want to talk to you about the problems that are in the system, and then I am going to show you the remedies I have put in place.”
“I have been looking at how My people seem to be panicking and moving in and out of the financial markets,” The Lord said. “It seems too often that they are putting more faith in their financials than in Me,” says the Spirit of God. “Yes Lord, you are the source we should rely on,” Kate responded. “My dear Kate, let Me share with you the reasons for their fears,” the Lord said. “What really are these fears concerning finances Lord?” she asked.
“The financial business world and My people have not thoroughly understood nor followed My instructions on how money is to properly work in the earth,” He said. “How is that Lord?” Kate asked again.
“Kate you know I have always talked about usury,” the Lord said. “I have always been clear about its usage.” “Yes Lord, inform me, I want to know,” Kate said. “I told My prophet Ezekiel to explain usury and that it was not to be used to overcharge My people,” the Lord said. Quickly Kate thought about her recent vacation to the island. She spent twelve days on the island, and she observed and did not see any increase in automobile gas prices, but yet in America, the prices had increased a few times upon her return. The excessive increases are modern day usury. Another form of usury is the origination fee that buyers in real estate transactions, have to pay “upfront to establish an account with a bank, broker or other company” (

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