America: Can It Be Great Again


Why do financial institutions and their lawyers go after so much land in terms of foreclosures? Why is this so? It is because land speaks of ownership. Do you really believe that when a property goes into foreclosure, it is lost? That is not the case. Do you realize that if a home has had a flood or is burnt to the ground, that land still has it valve? Land signifies territory and it is wealth. You may not have a lot of money in the bank, but if you are in the possession of land, you are powerful and wealthy.
And as Kate continued to hear the Holy Spirit speak; she was once again focused on His thoughts to her about Joshua. The Holy Spirit said, “I gave Joshua specific instructions of how and where to get the land.” And Joshua agreeably said, “The Lord has instructed me to take the land, river Euphrates, Lebanon and all the surrounding areas of the Great Sea.” “He is blessing us so that we can live there.” “The river will be used for our water supply,” he continued.
As Joshua journeyed with his people, beyond Jordan, they encountered other great sources of wealth. Their ownership of the river brought them a great water supply. They were able to grow crops, prevent the outcome of diseases, with God’s help and have livestock (
Today America benefits, like so many other nations in the world, from hydroelectric power and with ownership of land. It allows our lives to function much better, in how we preserve food, light in our homes and where we work.


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