America: Can It Be Great Again


The wealth as a result of war will have to go somewhere and stay. Or as some may assert, will it be desolated or transferred? The wealth will be transferred and it’s laid out in the results of the last Great War. “From the beginning of time, I gave, “said the Lord. “I will give again,” He said. “It will benefit all the people who know that I am the Lord,” He continued.
Jesus said, [“My father] will give the earth to the ones who are meek” (Matthew 5:5). “They will inherit it all because, they are humble, gentle, patient and mild” (Webster’s New World Dictionary; and the New Strong’s Complete Dictionary of Bible Words). [“These people will join Israel, on My return, and enjoy the lands, communities and wealth that will come out and after the last Great War,” the Lord said].
Continuing in the presence of His glory, the Lord said, “I will never change.” “I am the same always,” He said. “I am the restoring God,” He whispered to Kate. “I told you I would restore the years…,” He continued. “Look! I restored everything that was taken form my people in Judah,” He said (Nehemiah 5). “They were being highly taxed, taken advantage with mortgages, lost their vineyards and money too,” He spoke. “They cried out to Me, and I answered, with power through my man of God, Nehemiah, He said. “Didn’t I tell you all I would ever leave or forsake you…?” He said (Deuteronomy 31:6).
“Now My child, God said, I am going to put everything back in its original place and outline for you, has it was intended to be.” “You remember when I told Joshua to cross over Jericho into Jordan?” He asked. Assumed and smiling, Kate responded, “Yes Lord.” “I had always created Jordan as a great water supplier, and made the land to appear like a beautiful Scandinavian territory,” He continued.” “ I gave your forefather Joshua, the land of the West Bank. I wanted him and you all now to farm, that great land because it was made for livestock, to breath horses, sheep and cattle.” God said. “It is My pasture land,” He continued. “I even told Joshua I wanted him to take care of Jazer, the city I formed in Eastern Jordan. I made it rich in wineries, vineyards, raising cattle [food for feeding My people] and yes, a rich fertile land, “He said again.
“Did I tell you about what I have always had in store in My Red Sea?” God asked. “My Red Sea has great deposits of oil, gas and silver in the millions.


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