America: Can It Be Great Again


Comparing some experiences in the southern part of Jordan, a young King Jehoshaphat, found himself thrust into war with people known as Moab of Ammon.” In a desperate attempt to solve the problem on his own, he quickly knew that it impossible. He asked God to intervene. “What are we to do Lord”, he said to the Lord. “I want you to fast and sing praises to Me’” said the Lord.
Now to some, that action might have appeared to be ridiculous, but it absolutely worked. The opposing party actually turned on each other and Jehoshaphat and his people were able to retrieve all the wealth without really putting up much of a fight. We can win wars without using a lot of government spending.
King Solomon won wars by simply using wisdom. It was a war of disagreement between two mothers who claimed to be the mother of an only child. He settled that dispute quickly by offering to divide the child in half. The real mother objected and willing too loose, actually won (1 Kings 3: 22-23).
In his first major battle, King David had four hundred men. God’s anointing, which is His power, played a vital role in making King David’s a war time hero like no other. It produced an ability that was not seen by the natural man. With this power, he battle and won ten of thousands of wars. Some of the battles were against the Philistines (1 Samuel 21: 11(b) 22: (2(b).
King David was faithful and was known for consulting God before proceeding into anything including war (1 Samuel 23:2). Each time King David asked God for instructions, the outcome of his battles and wars were extreme and successful (1 Samuel 2223:5). America and its leaders must begin to ask God for solutions and breakthroughs before entering wars.
With that in mind, the reader must note, that King David had a continued winning streak with only six hundred men, in the battle of Keilah (1 Samuel 23:13). He was also had to contemplate his unsettled emotions, as whether he should indeed involve his men in a personal war with King Saul, who hated him for being a successful warrior (1 Samuel 24: 2,7).
You see, sometimes God will speak to you about your enemies, and if you are not hasty without God, to take matters into your own hands, God will let your enemies admit their errors which gives them the opportunity to take a different course of action (1 Samuel 24: 19, 21).
“These battles are fascinating, and what it really takes to really succeed in battle,” Kate said to the Lord. “It’s as though, we are watching the battles and negotiations on a screen, just visualizing the action,” she continued.


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