America: Can It Be Great Again


The King of Syria had formulated a plan to take Israel under and God sent the prophet Elisha to warn them of the pending attack. The Syrian army had surrounded Israel, but what they failed to realize, they were not going to be successful at all. God sent a heavenly host of armed angels to fight on their behalf. These angels were not seen by their enemies but they were there on the mountain top, in Judah. The war was won by the Syrian army being blinded (2 Kings 6, 7).
On another occasion, and I strongly believe, we now have a different regiment of the Syrian military. They were busy getting ready for war again only this time God allowed them to hear loud and confusing noises of chariots and horses which frightened them, to say the least; they left in a spirit of panic, leaving the wealth they had gotten for fighting all those illegal wars. The wealth was retrieved by Israel.
Overlooking the cloudy skies, of the Ramstein Air Force base where Kate lived in 1990, she remembered back that it was a short period of days, after the Desert Storm War began how quickly the first prisoners of war were captured. She had been involved in seeing off some of the pilots from the hotel where she worked. It seemed like a documentary now. Naturally she felt for their safety. With their skill and professional precision, she knew they would be back, and they all did return.


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