America: Can It Be Great Again


The Holy Spirit said to Kate, “I want to take you on a journey of the world’s financial system that concerns Me.” “You must remember, I own it all,” He said. Continuing the Lord said, “I want to talk to you about the problems that are in the system, and then I am going to show you the remedies I have put in place.”
“I have been looking at how My people seem to be panicking and moving in and out of the financial markets,” The Lord said. “It seems too often that they are putting more faith in their financials than in Me,” says the Spirit of God. “Yes Lord, you are the source we should rely on,” Kate responded. “My dear Kate, let Me share with you the reasons for their fears,” the Lord said. “What really are these fears concerning finances Lord?” she asked.
“The financial business world and My people have not thoroughly understood nor followed My instructions on how money is to properly work in the earth,” He said. “How is that Lord?” Kate asked again.
“Kate you know I have always talked about usury,” the Lord said. “I have always been clear about its usage.” “Yes Lord, inform me, I want to know,” Kate said. “I told My prophet Ezekiel to explain usury and that it was not to be used to overcharge My people,” the Lord said. Quickly Kate thought about her recent vacation to the island. She spent twelve days on the island, and she observed and did not see any increase in automobile gas prices, but yet in America, the prices had increased a few times upon her return. The excessive increases are modern day usury. Another form of usury is the origination fee that buyers in real estate transactions, have to pay “upfront to establish an account with a bank, broker or other company” (


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