America: Can It Be Great Again


“There is another principle that I will share with you and the world,” God said. “It is the principle of tithing,” He continued. “I only require that you give [My work her on earth], ten percent of your financial increases,” He said (Malachi 3:10). “Has this principle ever failed anyone Lord?” Kate asked. “It is with confidence, I say to you, Kate that it can bring people in harmony and the nations together,” God said. “How is that so Lord?” She asked again. “Do you remember how My servant King David offered to the people of Israel “a lot of bread, piece of meat and cake?” God asked. “Yes Lord, I remembered well,” Kate responded.
“The people went away satisfied,” She said. “Yes, the country was satisfied, and because of David’s obedience, I allowed him to remain as King for forty years,” the Lord said (1 Chronicles 29:27). “And how did King Solomon, his son use this principle?” Kate asked. “I created Solomon and he was born an unselfish man,” the Lord replied. “He never asked Me for fame and fortune; he only wanted to be a wiser and more understanding individual,” the Lord continued.
“I knew I could trust him, and so I extended great riches upon him, beyond anything this world has ever seen or experience,” the Lord said. “But why Lord?” Kate asked. “Why you asked Kate?” the Lord responded. “Yes Lord why?” She said. “Because when Solomon prayed to Me, he prayed with all his heart, for the nation and not for himself,” God replied (1 Chronicles 6: 29-31).
“And I did it, to show the world an example, and I did not want My people worshipping anyone other than Me,” the Lord continued. “I wanted people who were willing to give, and share with those in need, to do so that people would not steal and kill.” “I did it, so that My people would not have to work more than six days per week.” I did it, so that My people would not covet what their brothers and sisters’ household had.” “I did it, so they would not have to lie against their neighbors,” said the Lord (Deuteronomy: 5: 7, 8, 9, 14, 17, 19, 20-21).


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