America: Can It Be Great Again


“I have told My people from the beginning Kate, that I return to them some 100, some 60 and to some 30 rates of return,” the Lord said. “With wisdom I give [My people] the ability to have knowledge to understand [matters”] God said (Proverbs 9: 1, 6, 10). “And Kate, let Me give you other examples of how I administered the powerful gift of wisdom,” the Lord continued. “Do you remember the tower of Babel, where all those highly skilled men worked?” asked God. “Yes, I do Lord, Kate answered.
Continuing the Lord said , “And do you remember that I said there was nothing they would be impossible or hard for them to accomplish?” “Yes Lord,” Kate responded again. “Those men were so brilliant, that I had to alter their course of action, to build the tower to the [heavens] and so I changed their languages, so that they would not understand each other.” God said. “I had to do this because the gift of wisdom that I gave them should not be misused.” The Lord continued (Genesis 11: 1-9).
“How do you think Kate, Noah was able to build the ark for all those years?” God asked. “Do you really believe he could have sustained himself and ability to build it without My wisdom?” The Lord asked. “Of course, he could not,” The Lord said. “It was My wisdom that drew every blueprint and hammered every nail,” The Lord continued (Genesis 6:14). [“ As a matter of fact], when I gave My people, the gift of wisdom, opportunities in every arena is available to them,” God said (Proverbs 18:16).
“What are these opportunities Lord?” Kate asked. “There are opportunities to plan your lives as diligent and successful people,” He responded (Proverbs 21:5). “I have given you ideas in finances to invest money properly as I demonstrated through the servants of the talents in Matthew Chapter 25, were two were wise in where they invested and received a great return,” The Lord said. “ I might add, Kate they did not have to sweat with hard labor to receive the return,” He continued. “They simply followed My principle of sowing into good territory and were consistent and diligent,” The Lord added.


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