America: Can It Be Great Again


We hear political and personal arguments about which medical insurance is better or more affordable for the American people and the world at large. But do we really know or have ever considered who is behind the greatest insurance of all time? The insurance, the writer speaks of is completely free, yes, it is shocking to hear. It is priceless, affordable and leaves mankind with comfort and an assurance that only it can provide.
The reader will note that the insurance is higher than any other plan on earth. People do not have to vote on its existence; it has been around for centuries. On the other hand, it has not been equally advertised through the mass media or out of the mouths of politicians.
Information about this insurance can no longer be ignored. It is vital to all humanity. It is something that Kate has been thinking about for years, because it is by personal experience, she identifies with this great power. “Holy Spirit, I want to thank you for sharing your great power of healing,” she said. “You have sustained my life and health without society’s insurance.” “Holy Spirit, you are not an insurance that cancels or lapse.” “You are not a contract or can anyone label your power as a bureaucracy,” she continues.
“I want you my dear Kate, to tell My people, I assist all, who will believe My power, the Holy Spirit responded. “My power does not discriminate and offers the universe’s highest quality.”
“Lord, I want to tell the world what you have done for and in me,” Kate said. “I want to tell them that since 2002, I have totally relied upon your healing power.” “Yes, my dear, the Lord responded, you have never doubted My power.”
“Tell My people, I don’t operate within the boardrooms of corporations,” the Lord continues. “I will visit My people wherever and whenever, they cry out to Me.” “I am not limited to the hospital rooms or their bedrooms.” “I enjoy healing; it gives Me the thrill of seeing My power at work.”
“I do not take payment plans,” the Lord said. “The only requirement that I offer My people is that they believe.” “Kate when you are talking to the people, remind them of Jairus’ daughter,” the Lord continues. “I spoke loving words to her by simply saying “Talitha Cumi” which means “little girl…arise (Mark 5:41).
“Tell them, I am the One who healed the mind of Apostle John when they placed him on the island of Patmos in Turkey,” the Lord said. “I wanted John to see and experience what I will do in the world in the last days,” He said. “Tell the people, they will no longer have to fear being sick and ill.” “They will not cry and suffer any more pain,” God announced (Revelation 21:4)
Instantly Kate recalled the telephone call she received on May 2002 from the Bahamas.


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