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Dr. Betty Harris

The noted black chemical expert in chemical explosives.

(The Famous Black Inventors).



Leonidas Berry the black gastroscope pioneer, 1902-1995.

Keith black was officially a brain tumor surgeon.

Henry Blair was the second black man to invent the spark plug and did receive a patent. He was born in 1807.

The air conditioning and heating that we enjoy today, was invented by a black man named David Crosthwait Jr.


Some people may not know that traffic tickets, specially ones that you are cited for having an expired tag can and do reach into the usury category. Here is why, from a personal experience, I was wise enough to look up the law in my State to find out how Judges repeatedly promote usury. When looking at the law, I found that according to the State law, the fees that are set by the county try to exceed what is required by law. People try going to your State’s website and finding out the law in your State; it will do you good to find out how people are being taken advantage of and win a victory in court.


Kate remembers hearing reports, like other Americans, that the United States dollar is declining or will eventually loose its value and its prominence in the financial world-wide markets. Kate posed a simple question, to the Holy Spirit. “What will you do Lord when and if the money fails?” She asked.
In the stillness of His voice, He begins to show Kate how He has done it over centuries. He showed her the experience of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was not a man who had a relationship with God. He was a ruthless businessman and a politician with great power, but God still loved him enough, to share with him the things that the nation of Egypt was about the face and to prepare for them.
Kate listened attentively, as the Holy Spirit shared how and why He restores currency, and how His great miracles will affect America and the nations. “Currency is what I have created because I told the nations that the gold and silver are Mine,” He spoke into her heart. “After all the famine and turmoil, I restored the money and called it “gerah,” the Lord, said. “This money I created, I refer to it as My “redemption money” and just as the Levites were able to use it in purchasing livestock, so will you be able to do.” “I have told the sons of Gershon to carry curtains into the tabernacle.” Laughing happily, Kate says, “yes! Lord, they would not have been able to purchase anything with money that was worthless.” “I was also thrilled when you restored the ownership of property to Zelophehad’s daughters” (Numbers 4:31).
“My child, the Holy Spirit said, I will even tell you how I brought great wealth to My servant Joash. My power initiated the giving in his kingdom. I gave the people there a great deal of money (2 Chronicles 24:10, 12). And because I restored this new currency, men were working greater as “masons and carpenters…” (2 Chronicles, 13).


God cancels debts supernaturally which I have experienced. He also does it by endowments, through insurance companies, work, investing, dividends and wisdom. This is just a short list of what I will be writing about, for the upcoming chapter of my book that I continue to write.


My gift to the Italian people through Padre Pio gave Me much joy,” the Lord said. “Who was he Lord?” Kate asked. “He was a humble human being that I used with My healing power.” “I performed some miracles through him.” “Where did these miracles take place Lord?” Kate asked again. “They took place in My land Italy,” He answered. “Padre Pio was a [confident] man who trusted Me.” “As I fed the five and four thousand that I told the world in My word, I gave Pio a similar experience.” “During the Second World War, there was a bread shortage [in some of the villages].” “I instructed Pio to visit a church in the area.” “As he came out of the church, I filled his hands with much bread.” “Kate, there is no ration in My Kingdom.”
“On another occasion, I sent Pio to visit a mother whose child’s body had suffered badly from the results of hot boiling water.” “All I instructed him to do was to pray for the child and the wounds disappeared.” “I am the God of restoration.”
“In 1949, I saw a man suffer in great pain with damages to the side of his face from an explosion.” “I sent Pio to touch his wounded face and instantly, I healed and restored him.” Kate lifting her hands with excitement, asked, “What was the man’s reaction, Lord?” “I won that soul in heaven that day,” the Lord responded. “I gave Pio My anointing so that even in some cases, he did not have to be at the incident, he could simply write even a letter and that person would receive My healing.”


God can also heal a community as in the case of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the 1980s. Plagued with sickness, disappointment in unable to receive an apology from large corporations from polluting the community’s water supply, experiencing disar, and children dying of the disease leukemia, God used a high thinking, boastful, charismatic personal injury attorney, Jan Schlichtmann. At the time of his high and successful practice, Mr. Schlichtmann only took cases he could settle quickly and receive his compensation.

His plans were interrupted by the Holy Spirit, after deciding reluctantly to review the problem in Woburn. His initial visit to the town resulted in him being stopped by the police and issued citations for speeding. The citations were very expensive, even in those days. It is a strong belief that God wanted him there at that time, at that place to solve that problem which would change his life, and it did forever.

The test of the Holy Spirit would come, after a series of negotiations, in and out of court with the large companies who were alleged to have been responsible for the toxic waste damaged which swept into the community’s water. The negotiations were not successful at first. Sometime thereafter, Mr. Schlichtmann was faced, as well, with the possibility that he and his legal partners would lose everything they worked for. The legal team had spent their lives being devoted to the case. Soon they would experience that their lost would include their personal homes, life insurance policies, bank accounts and they were unable to obtain credit of any kind.
But God was not finished with Schlichtmann. Mr. Schlichtmann found himself abandon, later on, by the once prosperous legal team, and ended up living in a one bedroom apartment with one television, and an old typewriter at his disposal.

To hear Mr. Schlichtmann narrate his journey, and how he had learned what was truly important, his thoughts of injustice should not stand. The plaintiffs in this wonderful, however moving event should have justice. Move by what I believe was the Holy Spirit, he wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency alerting them of this findings and of the case details which were in his possession. At the end of it all, God healed that community’s residents with a $69.5 million dollar judgment. God restored Mr. Schlichtmann and he is now practicing law successfully in 2012.


In continuing the conversation, the Holy Spirit, said, [“let Me share this with you on how I gave the “gifted hands” to Ben Carson”] “I placed the thought that he did not need the book because, the book was already in him, through his mother.” “My healing power lives him always.” “I allowed Ben to separate conjoined twins, at My precise instructions and with details.”
“And what about Vivien Thomas, Lord?” she asked. “What about him? The Lord replied. “What gift of healing, did You allow him to share?” Kate continues. “I gave him the gift, as a surgical technician, the ability to create needles and tools for the heart surgeries,” the Lord said. “Lord, You seem to take some people born into humble beginnings, and bestow these wonderful gifts of healing,” Kate said. “Vivien Thomas was from New Iberia, Louisiana, and African-American,” she continues. “Yes,” Kate,” the Lord answered. “I bestow gifts on all My people,” the Lord replied. “The problem is that some people let the passion, I have given them lay dormant.” “While My desire is for the world to be healed, only a few have walked in the courage to complete the work,” He said.


Our solutions are that we must no longer look at the individual on the outside; we must begin to see the inside because the gifts in you are downloaded by God. No one decides to wake up one day and decide to do this or that vocation, or simply say this is what I want to do. No one is gifted by themselves. No education can take this giftedness that God has given and take credit for it. It is an empowerment that when you, the individual, whether you are a young child, a student or adult, the gift in you is an effortless doing of that thing you were created to do. America must begin to invest in the creativity of each child and that’s how America will become great again. For instance, we must rid our educational system of these standardized tests that certainly do not tell you who is really gifted. With the involvement of parents, schools and Universities must begin seek out the gifts in children by first, giving them a problem to solve as a form of the admissions process. In addition, the application should involve, rather than have SATS or other tests, a student explaining how they would solve a problem the University or college is seeking and present physical evidence of their findings. Students should be able to demonstrate something they have created and how does it improve the quality of life. It should also involve something they have drawn to solve a social problem. We must build up a generation of awesome builders and not test takers. If we make this change, we will not only see an abundance of candidates reaching their greatest potential. We will see the greatest America ever.

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