America: Can It Be Great Again


Our solutions are that we must no longer look at the individual on the outside; we must begin to see the inside because the gifts in you are downloaded by God. No one decides to wake up one day and decide to do this or that vocation, or simply say this is what I want to do. No one is gifted by themselves. No education can take this giftedness that God has given and take credit for it. It is an empowerment that when you, the individual, whether you are a young child, a student or adult, the gift in you is an effortless doing of that thing you were created to do. America must begin to invest in the creativity of each child and that’s how America will become great again. For instance, we must rid our educational system of these standardized tests that certainly do not tell you who is really gifted. With the involvement of parents, schools and Universities must begin seek out the gifts in children by first, giving them a problem to solve as a form of the admissions process. In addition, the application should involve, rather than have SATS or other tests, a student explaining how they would solve a problem the University or college is seeking and present physical evidence of their findings. Students should be able to demonstrate something they have created and how does it improve the quality of life. It should also involve something they have drawn to solve a social problem. We must build up a generation of awesome builders and not test takers. If we make this change, we will not only see an abundance of candidates reaching their greatest potential. We will see the greatest America ever.


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