America: Can It Be Great Again


God can also heal a community as in the case of Woburn, Massachusetts, in the 1980s. Plagued with sickness, disappointment in unable to receive an apology from large corporations from polluting the community’s water supply, experiencing disar, and children dying of the disease leukemia, God used a high thinking, boastful, charismatic personal injury attorney, Jan Schlichtmann. At the time of his high and successful practice, Mr. Schlichtmann only took cases he could settle quickly and receive his compensation.

His plans were interrupted by the Holy Spirit, after deciding reluctantly to review the problem in Woburn. His initial visit to the town resulted in him being stopped by the police and issued citations for speeding. The citations were very expensive, even in those days. It is a strong belief that God wanted him there at that time, at that place to solve that problem which would change his life, and it did forever.

The test of the Holy Spirit would come, after a series of negotiations, in and out of court with the large companies who were alleged to have been responsible for the toxic waste damaged which swept into the community’s water. The negotiations were not successful at first. Sometime thereafter, Mr. Schlichtmann was faced, as well, with the possibility that he and his legal partners would lose everything they worked for. The legal team had spent their lives being devoted to the case. Soon they would experience that their lost would include their personal homes, life insurance policies, bank accounts and they were unable to obtain credit of any kind.
But God was not finished with Schlichtmann. Mr. Schlichtmann found himself abandon, later on, by the once prosperous legal team, and ended up living in a one bedroom apartment with one television, and an old typewriter at his disposal.

To hear Mr. Schlichtmann narrate his journey, and how he had learned what was truly important, his thoughts of injustice should not stand. The plaintiffs in this wonderful, however moving event should have justice. Move by what I believe was the Holy Spirit, he wrote to the Environmental Protection Agency alerting them of this findings and of the case details which were in his possession. At the end of it all, God healed that community’s residents with a $69.5 million dollar judgment. God restored Mr. Schlichtmann and he is now practicing law successfully in 2012.


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