America: Can It Be Great Again


In continuing the conversation, the Holy Spirit, said, [“let Me share this with you on how I gave the “gifted hands” to Ben Carson”] “I placed the thought that he did not need the book because, the book was already in him, through his mother.” “My healing power lives him always.” “I allowed Ben to separate conjoined twins, at My precise instructions and with details.”
“And what about Vivien Thomas, Lord?” she asked. “What about him? The Lord replied. “What gift of healing, did You allow him to share?” Kate continues. “I gave him the gift, as a surgical technician, the ability to create needles and tools for the heart surgeries,” the Lord said. “Lord, You seem to take some people born into humble beginnings, and bestow these wonderful gifts of healing,” Kate said. “Vivien Thomas was from New Iberia, Louisiana, and African-American,” she continues. “Yes,” Kate,” the Lord answered. “I bestow gifts on all My people,” the Lord replied. “The problem is that some people let the passion, I have given them lay dormant.” “While My desire is for the world to be healed, only a few have walked in the courage to complete the work,” He said.


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