America: Can It Be Great Again


My gift to the Italian people through Padre Pio gave Me much joy,” the Lord said. “Who was he Lord?” Kate asked. “He was a humble human being that I used with My healing power.” “I performed some miracles through him.” “Where did these miracles take place Lord?” Kate asked again. “They took place in My land Italy,” He answered. “Padre Pio was a [confident] man who trusted Me.” “As I fed the five and four thousand that I told the world in My word, I gave Pio a similar experience.” “During the Second World War, there was a bread shortage [in some of the villages].” “I instructed Pio to visit a church in the area.” “As he came out of the church, I filled his hands with much bread.” “Kate, there is no ration in My Kingdom.”
“On another occasion, I sent Pio to visit a mother whose child’s body had suffered badly from the results of hot boiling water.” “All I instructed him to do was to pray for the child and the wounds disappeared.” “I am the God of restoration.”
“In 1949, I saw a man suffer in great pain with damages to the side of his face from an explosion.” “I sent Pio to touch his wounded face and instantly, I healed and restored him.” Kate lifting her hands with excitement, asked, “What was the man’s reaction, Lord?” “I won that soul in heaven that day,” the Lord responded. “I gave Pio My anointing so that even in some cases, he did not have to be at the incident, he could simply write even a letter and that person would receive My healing.”


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