America: Can It Be Great Again


Kate remembers hearing reports, like other Americans, that the United States dollar is declining or will eventually loose its value and its prominence in the financial world-wide markets. Kate posed a simple question, to the Holy Spirit. “What will you do Lord when and if the money fails?” She asked.
In the stillness of His voice, He begins to show Kate how He has done it over centuries. He showed her the experience of Pharaoh. Pharaoh was not a man who had a relationship with God. He was a ruthless businessman and a politician with great power, but God still loved him enough, to share with him the things that the nation of Egypt was about the face and to prepare for them.
Kate listened attentively, as the Holy Spirit shared how and why He restores currency, and how His great miracles will affect America and the nations. “Currency is what I have created because I told the nations that the gold and silver are Mine,” He spoke into her heart. “After all the famine and turmoil, I restored the money and called it “gerah,” the Lord, said. “This money I created, I refer to it as My “redemption money” and just as the Levites were able to use it in purchasing livestock, so will you be able to do.” “I have told the sons of Gershon to carry curtains into the tabernacle.” Laughing happily, Kate says, “yes! Lord, they would not have been able to purchase anything with money that was worthless.” “I was also thrilled when you restored the ownership of property to Zelophehad’s daughters” (Numbers 4:31).
“My child, the Holy Spirit said, I will even tell you how I brought great wealth to My servant Joash. My power initiated the giving in his kingdom. I gave the people there a great deal of money (2 Chronicles 24:10, 12). And because I restored this new currency, men were working greater as “masons and carpenters…” (2 Chronicles, 13).


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