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When the world financial system tells you that they can’t hire you because your credit is not good, you must in greater numbers into the millions use cash. That is how Americans will get their power back.
You must encourage a campaign that says no matter what “cash is king.”



I am going to give the reader a list of how to really buy land and homes without credit. The super wealthy follows these principles even if they don’t know what God has to say about the subject.

1. First we must develop a sense and habits of being patient and discipline.

2. Second, We must work to invest our hard-earned money. Matthew chapter 25: 20 & 22 clearly shows you how to invest and what great returns you will accomplish according to God’s plan.

3. Thirdly, We must follow Matthew 13:44 which simply and easily states …”he goes and sells all that he has and buy a field. We must learn not to rush to buy from the world system opposite of how God says we are to do it.

4. Fourth, The Prophet Jeremiah 32: 9(a)-10, was instructed again by God in that he was to take coins and purchase his land, which he did. He used exactly seventeen shekels of silver, not Wells Fargo or Bank of America and not even the World Bank or International Monetary Fund.


We do not give heaven a legal right to change your circumstances , when we accept minimum wages. When accept that the company we work for has no more money to give.

God directed a man called Laban to say to Jacob, who is the father of Israel, “name your wages and I will give it.” So why don’t you……..


There are some who might say that the plan to capture land and wealth started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was formed. I disagree because as most should know, the Federal Reserve is not anything federal nor does it have any reserves for you and me.

I speak with passion ,and this involves all Americans. Approximately 132 years ago, let’s say around the 1870’s, a great injustice fell upon the people of this nation, America, who were both the Swanee and Sioux Indians. The Swanee Indians were the original owners of Delaware, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana,Georgia, and Miami to name a few areas of land. The Sioux Indians who were located in the Dakota areas owned vast land territories in the West.

The United States along with Congress, forced these Indian people from their lands. It has been recorded that the American Indians owned approximately 138,000,000 million acres of land. That kind of land to-day would be worth in the trillions. At the famous “Wounded Knee,” the frightening and horrible massacre of the Sioux Indians took 200 lives. Their killing was brutal. In short, they were forced to sell portions of their land, with a false promise and the stroke of an x for a mere 50 cents to $1.20 per acre. According to sources cited by the US Supreme Court years later, the Indians nations were awarded approximately 600,000,000 millions dollars in damages which would probably be worth in the billions today. The Indians have yet to claim this award. They never wanted money; they wanted their land and dignity.

Why is this so important, you might asked? It’s happening again here in America through a small group of the wealthiest families found both in America and Europe. They are called the “Elite.” According to Lindsey Williams, a retired pastor and aviator, the elite plan the demise of America. In short, they are right now in the process of repossessing your homes, lands and cars, if you have a mortgage, they want to fail to repay the loan so that they can rent the properties and even cars back to you at a higher price. Their sole aim is “control,” Pastor Williams states.

Please you do not have to suffer, pay off your cars first, if you have to sell every item, you don’t need in the house to keep the roof over your head, you worked so hard for, do it.

Sources Cited: Pastor Lindsey Williams;; Britannica vol. 12, page 763; vol. 3(1987).


Lord, you have so many ways to cancel debts, that I remember how you cancelled debts of mine,” Kate said. “Can you recall exactly how I performed that cancellation?” God asked. “Oh! Yes,” Kate quickly replied. “God your way of cancelling debts is not only the best way, but the fastest way too.” For instance, Kate remembers in 1996 she had to work two jobs to pay off a Mazda Protégé automobile in one year. The price of the car was $6100. In 2007, and after a forty day fast, directed from the Holy Spirit, Kate’s Honda Civic automobile with a balance of $4300 was supernaturally cancelled and paid in full. God used the insurance company to pay the debt and give Kate the car’s title.
In 2003 Kate was faced with legal action and her attorney requested that she hire private investigators. The investigator’s fee was $150 per hour. Only having at the time, $300 in a checking account, Kate sat with her attorney and the investigators. After spending two hours in the attorney’s office, she asked the investigator how much she owed. The investigator simply said “nothing.” Again God cancelled that $300 expense supernaturally.


Joseph in Genesis 39 was a powerful and great man. God used a simple instruction that would change the world. The instruction was to simply store 1/5 of grain; He did not tell him to store 5%, 10%, 20%, 30% 50% not even 100%. Yet in the glory of God, in His majesty, He multiplied that 1/5 and both the region of Egypt and the world was able to eat and survive well. So the moral of the story is not to panic, even in hard times and do not hoard but prepare carefully and wisely.

I remembered a lady from Forest City, Illinois, she invested only $180 in the 1930s with the Dupont company, and that small invest grew to $7 million dollars by 2010. God multiplies, let Him tell you how and where.

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