America: Can It Be Great Again


Lord, you have so many ways to cancel debts, that I remember how you cancelled debts of mine,” Kate said. “Can you recall exactly how I performed that cancellation?” God asked. “Oh! Yes,” Kate quickly replied. “God your way of cancelling debts is not only the best way, but the fastest way too.” For instance, Kate remembers in 1996 she had to work two jobs to pay off a Mazda Protégé automobile in one year. The price of the car was $6100. In 2007, and after a forty day fast, directed from the Holy Spirit, Kate’s Honda Civic automobile with a balance of $4300 was supernaturally cancelled and paid in full. God used the insurance company to pay the debt and give Kate the car’s title.
In 2003 Kate was faced with legal action and her attorney requested that she hire private investigators. The investigator’s fee was $150 per hour. Only having at the time, $300 in a checking account, Kate sat with her attorney and the investigators. After spending two hours in the attorney’s office, she asked the investigator how much she owed. The investigator simply said “nothing.” Again God cancelled that $300 expense supernaturally.


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