America: Can It Be Great Again


I am going to give the reader a list of how to really buy land and homes without credit. The super wealthy follows these principles even if they don’t know what God has to say about the subject.

1. First we must develop a sense and habits of being patient and discipline.

2. Second, We must work to invest our hard-earned money. Matthew chapter 25: 20 & 22 clearly shows you how to invest and what great returns you will accomplish according to God’s plan.

3. Thirdly, We must follow Matthew 13:44 which simply and easily states …”he goes and sells all that he has and buy a field. We must learn not to rush to buy from the world system opposite of how God says we are to do it.

4. Fourth, The Prophet Jeremiah 32: 9(a)-10, was instructed again by God in that he was to take coins and purchase his land, which he did. He used exactly seventeen shekels of silver, not Wells Fargo or Bank of America and not even the World Bank or International Monetary Fund.


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