America: Can It Be Great Again


I just arrived back from court, in an Atlanta small town, let’s just say that…and your offerings and tithes are going into the pockets of these courts that bleed people of money. It is bondage; it is usury; it is taking advantage of hard-working people, and that is why some people do not have money to put in God’s work because the courts are taking it. Some of the people in the court , I just left, could not even pay the fines. I am fortunate but I still don’t want or need to give any court system for traffic tickets my money. Let’s be real, even a simple thing like a tag expiration, they should allow you to pay the registration and then repair the car.

It is all about the money. They want to enrich themselves. People this is a modern-day Babylonian system; we have not left Pharaoh’s Egypt at all.


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