America: Can It Be Great Again


Joseph has exchanged Kingdoms.  His hand was already blessed by God.  He was already prosperous before he touched Potiphar’s possessions in business or in the home front.  First, Joseph had the experience of dealing with a group.  That group was his eleven brothers, before he dealt with the world.  He understood different personalities and behaviors which enabled him to be ready for business.

Joseph’s actions transferred the power of ownership successfully which allowed the outside world, to see and draw those people to God. 

Joseph did not go out to look for a job [you must know your destiny and assignment]. He did not sit in an interview for hours or wait for some one to select  him for the position.  He already had the business genius inside of him.  He had the Kingdom of God.  It is simply doing what God directs us to do.  The world saw that Joseph , within the Kingdom of God, had the answers and that was attractive to those in Egypt who needed God’s help, provision and abundance (Genesis 39).


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