America: Can It Be Great Again


I have come to the conclusion that I want to be financially independent and not invest for retirement. I have set a deadline and it will not be later in life. What you say? Yes, I am on my way to invest or have been for some years investing to be financially independent. What does it mean to be financially independent? I am glad you asked. When someone is financially independent, they keep their expenses low and their investments, I did not say savings, keeps them from struggling about a job, they are dying to leave or not worrying about that the government or Wall Street is doing. For example, Let’s say your investment income is $1000 per month or $6000 for four quarters in the investment cycle, did you not know you could pay for your mortgage if you had one, try not to have one though, without even working a job. I don’t like the term job. You should work, but work at being truly independent. Also if you don’t have a big mortgage or large bills to pay, you and your family could travel to other countries without a problem annually. That’s financially independent!


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