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There is no such thing in the Kingdom of God called retirement. A kingdom has no end of abundance. So why do people believe that they have to hoard money? Moses, King David, Prophet Samuel among others, did not retire. Where did this idea of retirement come from? In fact Moses never retired and died more than ninety years old. King David reigned for forty years and was not tired at the end; he never retired.

God’s kingdom is vast so there is no shortage of gold and silver because He owns it all. Start learning about His vast kingdom and know that you don’t have to run to retire to have it all. We are preparing for the kingdom Jesus will sent up in Jerusalem. It will no doubt be a government and we should be preparing to work in that government. So whatever we are called to do here should be a copy of what you will be doing in the government of God in the near future.



Wealth is created through timing of a thing or purpose; through preparation of oneself for an opportunity. What is your opportunity and can you see it even in these hard economic times? Are you ready to solve problem? opportunities may come in the form to start a new business. I learn something about the Great Depression of 1929; two percent of the people were invested in the stock market while ninety-eight percent kept their money in a local back and it was confiscated. No matter what you think about investing in the stock market or other investments, Rockefeller still made money when the Depression was going on. In fact at the end of the Depression they were able to sell some shares a buy buildings (Park 740, book).


It means not storing all your money in the bank and having a reserve of cash for at least three weeks some where you can get your hands on immediately. This is just plain wisdom.


When paper money failed in 1717 France, John Law convinced the government and merchants to use shares, that’s right shares…in a company he was involved in to settle accounts. He did not use credit cards and loans. Shares in a company guarantees the buyer of those shares ownership and you have control as to when to buy into something without debt and sell to buy something else without debt.
In short, look at what you’re investing in as in terms of the amount of shares, you own and not the mere dollars or other currencies. It’s going to happen again, so be prepared (The Rich and How They Got that Way, page 136).

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