America: Can It Be Great Again


There has always been an ultimate one world currency which is silver and gold. Countries have created paper notes as an exchange for silver and gold. There should be no surprise when we are hearing now about the establishment or bringing forth of a one world currency, because it has always been in existence; we as nations have just used paper to distinguish our country monetary system. The same one world currency is what satan will used to allow people to worship him if they cannot buy or sell goods in these last days (Revelation 17:13-13(d)).

More importantly, the United States has never sold off its silver or particularly gold so it has a reserve in spite of what you may hear in the news media. President Nixon took America off the gold standard in 1973;he did not have the power to get rid or sell of the gold supply and thank God for that. Canada our neighbor does not have gold reserves so I can see Canada coming into partnership with the United States to keep it going in the coming years.


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