America: Can It Be Great Again


Does America have a place in the end times? Will it be here on earth? Don’t you really want to know what will happen to this great nation? The questions simply found their way into Kate Blackwood’s mind as she walked through and along the Panola Mountain State Park on Klondike Road in Lithonia Georgia. She was dressed wearing a rugged rock wear brown loafer, attached to her wide hips were wide footed tailored jeans. Walking further down the trail, the park overlooked a vast amount of green lawn of land. At the grounds center stood a hundred year old barn stripping its paint at the edges.
It was fairly cool that day in March 10, 2012, as Kate standing still as she walked a few steps with her tall figure at 5 feet 11 inches and her reddish brown hair blowing upside over her left ear and her sparkling diamonds glistering as the sun came over the trees. Across the road, an old brick house stood with an open garage and the hearing of automobiles rushing by. There is no sound of birds yet. It’s a thirty minute walk to Kate’s home. As she ponders silently in her mind, she knows that the nation is facing many trials and changes.
There are a few million people unemployed. There is a distruption in the school system. Her own child will have to face the daunting experience of attending middle school with thirty four children in her class. Politician’s actions indicate that closing down some schools will help them save money. While on the other hand, and on a recent visit to Jamaica in July 2012, Kate spoke with a young lady named Chantel. Chantel began to unload some realities for her. She said, “I am in college in the United States and this is my first year. I feel at times bored because I am one of the persons who finish a test first.” Kate’s brother, Allan, looks on and is amused, laughingly so and nods in agreement with her statement. This is a small beautiful island where education is highly sought and taken seriously so where does this leave America? Are we actually four years behind? Does this information mean we will be faced with a challenge from the developing nations as well?

Some more surprising news came from Allan. While we were driving along the coast of Ocho Rios, Kate began to ask him questions about the country’s economy and how the people who were less fortunate coping. Allan responded, “Some have relatives that help from other foreign countries and some hustle”. Then Kate said, “what about the bauxite companies and are they still in business?” Allan said, they are all closed down now and people received compensation.” So Kate continued, “So who owns the companies now?” “They are owned by the Russians” he said.
Kate with her mouth briefly opened, shockingly hit the dashboard with her hand and shook her head, after hearing the news on the Russian ownership of bauxite capability to build planes, possibly for the preparation of war, and competitiveness for commercial jumbo jets.
Kate now saw how vital America’s military is needed and political talk of decreasing it is not a wise one. In an interview with the Trinidadian Press, Russian businessman, Sergei Kuznetsov said, “his company Severstal International was making a $600 million dollar energy investment and has created 3,500 new jobs for the local residents”. In the meantime, former Russian Ambassador, Viktor Zotin to Jamaica, responded, to questions asked of him by the Jamaican Gleaner, that his country is quite interested in “maintaining the bauxite investments” in Jamaica.” Kate silently speaks to herself, “Is America losing its presence of super power and how can it revive in these last days?



  1. This article is very interesting and informative. It didn’t speak much about America although i know America is a corporation in itself. Therefore it is no surprise that they are willing to cut schools to save money. However, i am really shocked to know that the Russians now own a part of our island, so sad. Jamaica has one of the top educational systems in the world and its disappointing to know that we are being taken advantage of. On a whole this is excellent writing and very illustrative. I do wish to read more of your articles in the future. Keep up the good job.

    • Yes, Jamaica does have what I refer as a class act education. The problem is they are trying to build more schools because of the lack of buildings. Yes, the Russians have ownership in the island and sadly have left it like Britain with people unemployed and the bauxite sites are some what permanently closed. I would love to do an indepth article on that matter and to do it, I would have to go to Jamaica for several months and try to interview some folks. Thanks for your support and comments. I will continue to post the book in its entirety in the comming weeks and months.

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